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“Having struggled with the ups and downs of both an over - active and now under -active thyroid (post treatment) since the age of 14, I can sympathise with many people about the difficulties with weight management and fitness. I used to be very active both competitivley and socially growing up however after being put on heart medication for 6 months at the age of 21 and being told I could do NO EXERCISE until it was stable, I battled. My weight went up, my fitness was next to nothing and I had no confidence.

As a dietitian, I admit I had all the tools and knowledge to change my diet to assit with weight loss however I knew it was time for some much needed help with exercise. Ian has been an amazing support since the beginning helping me each week to push the limits and prove to myself that "I can do everything I once thought I would never do again". Ian has continuously motivated me to improve my general fitness, strength, power and most importantly, the power of my mind. After completing my first ever Port Douglas half marathon in November and more recently completing a 12 week challenge with Ian, I can positively say I have completely transformed my body and my health.”

Melissah Bruce

"I have been training with Ian for about 9 months now, my fitness and strength has improved dramatically during that time. With his professional support and guidance I competed in my first ever half marathon finishing in the top ten in my age group, I also completed a 12 week challenge in total having lost 3kgs, 5% body fat and gaining a new whole lifestyle.

I have always struggled with self-doubt and lack of confidence when it comes to achieving personal goals, with Ian’s support and expertise in the fitness industry I for the first time in a long time was able to be proud of the things I had achieved.

Every PT session has been different and challenging, I was always encouraged to keep going when all I wanted was to just give up. I cannot speak highly enough of Ian and his ability to bring out the best of you when you are training, if you are looking for a way to improve your fitness or to achieve any fitness related goals, Ian will defiantly be able to help."

Erin Gook

The best aspect of training with Ian over the last twelve months has been the motivation to improve my health and fitness, setting goals and working towards them. Having the appointments each week itself is a great way to make sure you get to the gym and being time poor, the concentrated level of exercise that gets packed into each session makes it a good fit with my other commitments. Training varies from very focused sessions with weights,to general fitness and boxing. Ian always makes the sessions different and most of all fun! I’m delighted to recommend Ian to anyone that wants to push their training in ways thatare very difficult to do on your own.

James Archer