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Christie Redmore

I had the pleasure of meeting Christie a few months ago. Christie told me that she wanted to compete in the INBA fitness Comp, at this stage the fitness comp was just over 3 months away. I was concerned as I didn’t think that we had enough time to make her competition ready however what I didn’t account for was the determination and dedication Christie showed when trying to reach her goal. Christie was relentless and steadfast, with the short time frame Christie trained 5 days a week and some days I had Christie training twice a day. This Strength of mind along with a great training programme and diet paid off and we achieved her goal. In her very first fitness competition Christie won her category, it was a true reflection of her hard work and commitment.

I found Christie to be an inspiration. She was a great example of what can happen if you have the right mindset along with the right guidance you can smash those fitness goals, and she really did smash it! Congratulations Christie and thank you for your commitment.

Melissah Bruce

I had the pleasure of meeting Melissah 2 and half years ago, she was this shy girl who came into the gym looking to join. After signing Melissah up to the gym and taking her through a program. Melissah then asked me to train her, From our very first session I could see the determination in Melissah. As our sessions continued and pushing Melissah that little bit harder every time, she never gave up and always put in 100 percent. Looking at Melissah now, people often say “wow that girls fit.” or “ I wish I could do that.”

Melissah wasn't always that fit girl though. Diagnosed with a medical condition autoimmune thyroid at a young age. Melissah couldn't train and gained a lot of weight. At the age of 21 Melissah was overweight.

This year Melissah won the ANB Fitness model competition. Here was a girl that four years ago was overweight and now through hard work and determination is a fitness model. Anybody can achieve their goals. You just have to get started and remember everybody started somewhere.

So if your looking for a bit of extra motivation or need a bit of help achieving your goals, don't hesitate any longer.

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