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Fitness Competition

Ian Michna

6 months ago I started training with Chris Scandolera. Chris was training to compete in the INBA Fitness Competition having trained people before for fitness competitions I ask Chris if he wanted a gym partner to help achieve his goal. I set myself a small goal, to lose about 5 to 6kg and to get my body fat under 10%. I have never been a person that’s been strict with my diet before. When I was younger I was always the skinny guy who wanted to get bigger so I pretty much ate what I wanted to eat.

Three months into training Chris and I had finished the bulking and strength faze. It was time for cutting up and to reach the goal that I had set myself. I decided to go and see Mitch Smith from Health Management. It was about three months away from the competition I told him my goal and asked him for a cutting diet plan. I was determined to stick to the diet, so I made the time on the weekend to do some food preparation so I wasn’t tempted to stray from my diet. I was strong minded and on occasion you would encounter a very ‘hangry’ man but I was relentless I knew I could achieve my weight loss goal. After 2 months of I went back to see Mitch to check on my progress. To my surprise I lost 9.5kg and my body fat was 7.8 percent I had smashed my goal. It was at this point I decided I would enter the competition. Mitch changed my diet again and in that last month I increased my training to twice a day, HIIT cardio session in the morning and weights in the afternoon. I lost another 4kg and 4.5 percent body fat in. In total I lost 13kg and 10 percent body fat in 3 months.

People kept asking me “what are you doing to lose so much weight?” The answer was simple a good diet, dedication and a good training plan. There was no silly gimmicks it was just a diet from an accredited dietitian and having the right mindset to stick with it. After my experience its really improved my skills as a trainer, I have a better understanding of what people go through when trying to lose weight, those good and also the bad parts and what to do to

move past them.

Having the support of a gym partner and working closely with the dietitian all contributed to me achieving my goal.

I want to send a big shout out to both Mitch and Chris, without these guys support I would not have achieved my goal.